We help farmers transfer management, not just assets.

With the dream team of succession professionals, we enable multiple generations to co-manage the farm and help successful farmers groom successful successors - not overshadow them.


We are in the business of making the farm and family successful long term through a smooth hand-off.    If you are just looking to sell the farm and divide your assets among family members, that isn’t what we do.  Click here and we’ll refer you to someone who can.  If you have a successful farm and a successor with potential, read on…

We radically improve HOW farm families make decisions together by...

Eliminating Power Struggles

Instead of pushing dad off the farm, we help multiple generations and siblings make/implement decisions together as a team.

Talent Grooming

We help parents gradually transition management responsibility and groom successful successors capable of running a multi-million dollar operation.

Skyrocketing Profitability

Anything you can do to improve to HOW your family brainstorms new efficiencies, make decisions together as a team, and get these ideas into reality, will skyrocket your farm’s profitability.

The Side-Effect of this Process is

Smooth Asset Transfer and a Successful Succession!

After your family can make joint decisions together and you’ve groomed quality successors, succession planning with our dream team of experts is easy.  In the decade after, multiple generations can farm together as partners without a power struggle or family dysfunction.

Our Proven Process

of working with farm families
Phase A
Farming With Family Strategic Planning Meeting
  • Develop a common strategy
  • Commit to a personal growth plan
  • Improve how your team works together
  • Resolve outstanding issues
Phase B
Improve Joint Decision Making
  • Family improves how they make decisions together as a team.
  • Parents groom successors from good to great before transferring assets.
  • Radically improve farm’s return on assets and strategic positioning.
Phase C
Live the Family Farm Dream
  • Develop succession strategy with dream team of experts.
  • Implement succession strategy over decade with gradual transition of equity.
  • Make joint decisions as team with parents remaining involved as long as they want.

Farming with Family: 5 hours to guide the next 5 years...

Strategic Planning Business Meeting for Farm Families

"Farming with Family" is a strategic seminar that helps farm families define a common strategy, increase profitability during these hard times, and then develop a career plan for how the son or daughter is going to work their way into the family business over the next five years. At the same time, we help parents and their successors work together as team, defining each others roles and goals for the farm and everyone's future as a whole and as individuals.

We can either deliver this program on farm ($1,000 + travel) or over SKYPE ($300).  We guarantee that you’ll find >$3,000 in improved efficiencies or your money back. 

Often families contact us in the midst of a crisis and this program is a game changer to mediate family relations.  Other clients use this as an opportunity to “kick our tires” and get to know Andy Junkin, prior to enrolling in a long-term consulting program.  As a stand-alone program, this will let you walk away with a turnkey plan for your present and future that will eliminate >50% of the family fights that you probably would have had over the next decade!

"Farming with Family" will dramatically improve the success of how your family on-boards the next generation over the next five years which will dramatically improve the odds of your family’s name staying on your farm’s mailbox for the next 30 years!

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Any parent can gift their kid a tractor, few can teach their kid how to make that tractor pay.

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