Farming with Family: 5 hours to guide the next 5 years...

One-Day Strategic Planning Meeting for Farm Families

We believe that the first five years that a son or daughter returns to the farm either makes or breaks the farm in 30 years’ time. Too often this transition of going from kid to partner is an awkward transition leading to dysfunctional family businesses and dysfunctional families.

This is broken!  We fix this…

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Only four simple steps

to taking your potential successor from Good to Great

Step 1

Family Member's Contact Information

During your initial contact, you will be asked to provide contact information for each family member/relevant business partner. Once information has been received . . .


Step 2

Personal phone consultation

We will schedule a one-on-one phone call with each member. Once Andy Junkin has talked with each person then . . .


Step 3

Submit survey questions

We will send each family member customized questions via email in preparation for the family meeting. Once questions have been answered and submitted back to us . . .


Step 4

Strategic Planning Family Meeting

Andy will come out to your farm or meet over SKYPE for an afternoon strategic planning session with the whole family. Potential successors walk away with a clear understanding of what they have to do to work their way into the business.

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how can we help you take your successor from GOOD to GREAT?

"Farming with Family" is a strategic planning business meeting that helps farm families define a common strategy and then develop a career plan for how the son or daughter is going to work their way into the family business over the next five years. At the same time, we help parents and their successors work together as team, defining each others roles and goals for the farm and everyone's future as a whole and as individuals.

It is the first onboarding program for college graduates of it’s kind in the agriculture sector.

We can either deliver this program on farm ($1,000 +travel) or over SKYPE ($300).

Often families contact us in the midst of a crisis and this program is a game changer to mediate family relations.  Other clients use this as an opportunity to “kick our tires” and get to know Andy Junkin, prior to enrolling in a long-term consulting program.  As a stand-alone program, this will let you walk away with a turnkey plan for your present and future that will eliminate >50% of the family fights that you probably would have had over the next decade!

"Farming with Family" will dramatically improve the success of how your family onboards the next generation over the next five years which will dramatically improve the odds of your family’s name staying on your farm’s mailbox in 30-years time!

Note: When this meeting ends we offer the opportunity for your family to have follow-up meetings throughout the course of the next five years to hold each family member accountable to the changes and goals discussed.

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Andy Junkin

your family's strategic planning facilitator

Andy Junkin is a 7th-generation farm boy whose farm succession went badly instilling in him a passion to save family farms. For the past decade his niche was mediating the most dire farm succession and farm debt mediation cases across North America.  His track record for turning around impossible situations is legendary.  Now he is driven to eliminate the need for a mediator by PROACTIVELY solving these problems using his unique program.  He has made it his life’s mission to provide farm families the tools they need to work together and execute a successful succession strategy.

He is an executive coach, mediator, public speaker, writer/author, and media host. He writes for 9 farming magazines, has written 4 books and speaks everywhere.

He happily resides in Iowa with his wife who is a major driver in the business behind the scenes.  Spring newlyweds, they are excited about the upcoming birth of their first child this winter.  Together they live to save family farms and have fun!

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